Surgical Management of Ambulatory CP Patients

Dear colleagues and Professors:

You are cordially invited to attend the meeting on “surgical management of ambulatory cerebral palsy patients”. The

meeting would be held on Thursday 22 May 2014 in National Institute of Neuromotor System (NINMS, polio institute) in

collaboration with EGPOS. The mini-course will focus on new concepts in CP management and on details of selected surgical

techniques. The course will be beyond the basic level targeting practicing pediatric orthopaedic surgeons with special

interest in neuromuscular disabilities. Kindly of you would like to share with case presentations contact Dr Mostafa

Elsherbini or send to, or

Title: “surgical management of ambulatory CP patients”

Date: Thursday 22 May from 9:00 to 15:00

Place: National Institute of Neuromotor System (NINMS, polio institute).

Organizer: NINMS team in collaboration with EGPOS
 Mostafa Elsherbini (consultant of orthopaedics & Dean of the National Institute of Neuromotor System) -
 Ahmed Abdelsalam (specialist of orthopaedics) -

Preliminary schedule:

9:30 CP basic science
9:45 Lever arm dysfunction
10:10 Crouch gait (beyond multilevel surgery)


10:45 Rotational deformities (how to assess and surgical options)
11:10 Stiff knee gait and
11:20 Jumping knee gait
11:30 Botox in CP management


12:00 Spine surgery (can we do it? And when)
12:30 Planovalgus foot (from single to multiple osteotomies)
12:45 Planovalgus foot (arthrodesis/arthroreisis)
13:10 Cerebral palsied hand
13:45 Fractures in CP patients (how to decrease morbidity)
14:20 Non-orthopaedic surgical opt